Sunday, December 28, 2008

Emmerichs' Annual Christmas Open House

Emmerichs' Annual Christmas Open House

Christmas Fireplace Decorations -(Without Flash)

Christmas Fireplace Decorations - (With Flash) - I couldn't decide which to use so I will show you both. Lots of decorating all around the house. I am usually ready to take it down, but I will be sad to see it go. I really like it this year.

Christmas Day is here!
What a day! So many good friends and family to enjoy the holiday with. The day began with Jenn, Heather, Morgan, Aubree, Lorin and I opening our gifts to each other and having breakfast - Egg Bake and Holiday French Toast Bake (already too much to eat).
Aubree decided to try Nana's Santa Hat - I just love this picture of her.

Aubree opening one of her gifts - Nana and Papa got her the Hannah Montanna bed set. - She has Hannah Montanna PJ's on, got a Hannah Montanna guitar from Santa - Do you see a theme this year? Reminds me of when the girls got tons of New Kids on the Block stuff. I think some of that is still floating around here. (I remember the year Lorin borrowed it from the girls for hunting season and took it all out to the hunting shack - sleeping bag and all - but that is another story for another day.)

Here she is opening another gift - I wonder what it is?

It took her forever to open this and I don't think she guessed what it was until it was opened. Her new pool cue. I think by the time she is 10 she will be the next little pool shark. Watch out boys!

I am soooo glad we cut back on the number of gifts we all gave this year. Can you tell. We certainly had a big enough mess when done opening.

The day moved into the Open House. Lots of friends, family, food, good cheer and old stories. I think by the time the day is over, my cheeks hurt from laughing. How special it is. - Several years ago we began our Christmas Open House. Family, friends and anyone who has nowhere to go on Christmas Day is welcome. You never know who might show up. Always a nice surprise to see the people who join us in our celebration.This year we again had a visit from Santa. We are so fortunate he has time to stop at our home. All the kids here must have been extra good again this year. Santa got lots of hugs. Here Aubree is giving Santa a hug. Olivia even brought cookies from home to give to Santa.

Lots of kids sat on Santa's lap. (Kylee)

Even some of the "Big Kids" sat on Santa's lap.
A group shot with some of the kids. Tough to get all of them in there at one time. I think there were about 20 kids here all under the age of 6.

Here is Kylee, Aubree and Olivia - Lily on Casey's lap. The girls had lots of fun that day. Aubree says they are her best friends.

Lucas and Jackie getting ready to head out into the cold again. Aren't the ears cute?

Chloe and Kallie having a conversation.

Some of the boys.

Another group shot.Cookies hiding in the cabinet. I wonder who did that - Lorin? He loves his mom's Sally Anns. He said his mom put them in there for him. Do we believe him?

What a fabulous day to spend with the people who mean so much to all of us. For those who could not share the day with us - we missed you and our thoughts were with you through the day. God Bless you all and thank you for sharing this very special holiday with us.

Here is Annie after the festivities. She looks kind of like how I felt when the day was done - pooped.

My Car is "Busted"

The conversation went something like this.
Jenn - "Mom, I am sitting at an intersection and my car won't work".

Me - What do you mean it won't work?

Jenn - I stopped at the stop light and it shut off and it won't start again.

Me - What does it do?

Jenn - I turn the key and nothing. I need help.

Me - Jenn, you are in Minneapolis and I am in Medford, I can't come and get you.

Jenn - What should I do?

Me - Put your flashers on and walk to a service station. (There was one across the street.)

Long story short - Her car is "busted". It needed a new engine. Cost to fix in Minneapolis - $3,400 - Cost to fix in Medford (Randy Hamm) - $1,500 - No brainer - Go get the car.

Of course when you plan to do something like this it always is an event. The trip was the Saturday before Christmas and I don't know if you remember the weather that day, but it was nasty. Lots of snow, wind, icy roads, yuck! Lorin and I borrowed a trailer from a friend and made the trip to pick up the car. Lots of cars in the ditch - probably close to a hundred. Some areas had several in a short stretch. Fortunately, our trip went well - slow but we made it home fine. Randy has now fixed her car and she was on her way back home today with it. Thank God for small town mechanics.
Here is a picture of Lorin chaining the car to the trailer. It looks like the car is eating him (or maybe he is coming out of the other end?)

Another angle.

It was "girls weekend" by Jenn's so Heather and Jenn's friend Michelle were there to help with the "mission". (Annie is in the blanket - She was freezing.) Notice all the snow on their heads.

Jenn and me - Her arm isn't long enough.

Nothing better to do while dad works so lets dress up the dog.