Friday, March 20, 2009

Ankle Update

I went to the Bone and Joint Clinic yesterday. Thank you Diann and Sue. Diann was my ride and they, along with my wonderful daughter Heather spent the day with me because I am going crazy on this couch. Heather came in the morning and did my nails, Diann came and kept us company and took me to the doctor and Sue joined us at the clinic. We went to lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and came home and talked until Lorin came home. If anything has been reinforced with this little mishap, its that I have absolutely the best friends and family I could ever ask for. Everyone has been calling, emailing, blogging, etc. and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Anyway, an update on the ankle. Yesterday, they took new X-rays and said everything is still in place, so far so good - no surgery. However, the breaks I have are a spiral break that starts in the front of the bone and spirals up and around back to the front. The second fracture is above that and is a "Y", and the third is the bottom piece of the bone is broken off. However, all is in place yet. But, because of the number and types of fractures, I have to wear this fun "boot" and use crutches for the next 6 weeks, then three weeks with just the boot, then a few weeks of physical therapy and Ace Bandages. He said I should be back to a normal shoe in about 12 weeks. YUCK!
I think I need my toenails painted. Aubree did them the last time and used almost every color in cabinet. What do you think? The doctor gave me the option of this boot, if I promised to listen to him, or a cast. He said if I had kids or big dogs it would be a no go, but I told him it was just Lorin and me so he let me go this route. I have to keep it on all the time, just like a cast, except I can take it off to shower and ice my leg. He also gave me some more of those wonderful pain pills. Thank goodness.

Spring Is Here

Spring is Here?????? I took a couple of pain pills for my ankle, took a nap and woke up to this. How long was I asleep? What is going on? Where is the sun, why is everything white. How long is this supposed to be here?

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Broke My Ankle

Here is what I am looking at right now. Yes - I broke my ankle. Today I was at a house doing an appraisal inspection. When I went downstairs to the lower level which was all finished, I stepped off the bottom step on to the slipperyest floor I have ever been on. (Have you ever sprayed Pledge on the floor when you are dusting? That is what it was like.) The next second I was on the floor on my butt and somehow in all of that my ankle got in the way. The doctor said I did a good job. It looks like "mush". I broke it in a few places. Fortunately, everything stayed in place so I shouldn't have to have surgery. However, for the next couple of days, I will have to stay on the couch. The doctor warned if the bones don't stay in place they will have to do surgery so the couch it is. Here is my new best friend - pain pills. They cause drowsiness so if I drift away....

OK - I'm back. By the way Joni - Don't freak out. I will be just fine by the time we will be decorating for your wedding.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One of My Quirks

Since I have been reading lately about some of your quirks (Julie's obsession with red and Connie's food not being able to touch) I thought I would share one of my quirks with all of you. For any of you who know me well, you will already know this. When we have had weekend shopping, there are many people I can't sleep with. (You know who you are , pulling the blankets off the bed, messing everything up and rolling up in a ball - How awful.) My biggest obsession is my bed. It doesn't matter how poor I get, I will always have a great bed. It's not so much the bed itself, but the bedding. My sheets have to be very good quality egyptian cotton, a very fluffy down comforter, big fluffy feather pillows and everything has to be tucked, straight and NO WRINKLES. If for some reason the bed gets pulled apart in the middle of the night I will actually get out of bed and re-tuck the sheets and straighten the bed. I can't stand it when the sheets are untucked. My wonderful husband from time to time will think he is funny and right after I get all snuggled in bed he will pull the sheet out from the bottom of the bed and laugh. What a sense of humor. Here is my bed - I love it.

This is my fluffy feather pillow. It is actually two feather pillows in one pillow case. My grandmother made me feather pillows for Christmas when I was 12 ( I am sure at that age I really didn't appreciate them, but, now they are like gold) and I know you are supposed to get new pillows frequently - there is no way I will ever be without this pillow. I forgot it at a hotel (yes, I take it on trips) and had to have it shipped back. Major panic attack when I realized I forgot it.

And, of course, an essential element in the winter - a heated mattress pad. We turn it on before we go to bed so when you crawl into bed it is warm and wonderful. Just perfect since I am always cold. In summer, however, the best feeling in the world is to take a shower right before you go to bed, freshly shaven and clean and get into bed right after you take the sheets off the clotheslines. Nothing better. A little heaven on earth!
Now that isn't that weird - Is it?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kids Crazy Faces

I was trying to decide what to post today and came across a few "goofy" pictures and thought they were fun. Kids make so many crazy faces that just have to make you smile. Thought I would share them with you all.