Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Wedding Weekend

This weekend we had the wedding of my nephew Andy and his new wife Casey. Since so many of my blogging buddies will be posting pictures of them, I thought I would go a little different route. The week started with the decorating and ran into the day of the event. Lots of family and friends and everyone having such fun. Lots of dancing throughout the night. I had to take a few pictures of the fun. The first picture is Joni and Tracy dancing to a Michael Jackson song I think. They had more crazy moves....

Then there was Deb, Heather and Patti showing us their stuff. They were trying to persuade me to come back out on the dance floor, but I had to take a few photos first.
Then there is Patti and Chris. They were playing the song from Dirty Dancing and it was time for the lift. The first time "the lift" came up in the song, they were in position and Patti started and Chris turned and ran...... This is the second time. Do you think they went through with it???? I love the look on their faces.

Then, of course we have the wedding party. This was the grand march. Rather than do the traditional dancing with couples, etc., etc., which really isn't Andy and Casey, they decided to have the entire wedding party do the Evolution of Dance. It was Hilarious. Some were better than others, but they had everyone laughing throughout. Notice Cole in the front - he was the center of attention during this dance and totally goofy as usual.

And, I thought I would post a couple of pictures of Lorin and I from the day. Earlier in the day I had taken family photos for good friends of ours that were in the wedding. Of course, I had to download them and take a sneak peek before I left for the wedding and Lorin liked them so he wanted our picture too. Here are a couple.

The day was so much fun. Welcome Casey to our crazy family and all the best to you and Andy as you continue on your lifelong journey. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and joy and always remember to be each other's friend. That is so important in a marriage.

Monday, September 21, 2009


What happens when you have a terrible craving for something and its a week before you are going to a wedding and have a slinky little red halter dress to wear? You find ways to justify it in your mind. Today is a "Monday". I was so tired this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed - so I got up late. Checked my emails and had one from the company we were supposed to get our brown plastic from for the wedding this weekend - it is backordered. Inspections were crazy, trying to get all done so I can decorate and last week most of my orders were new construction, this week most are foreclosures (not fun). You never know what you will find when you go in some of those homes and today was no exception. (That could be another whole post) Anyway, to get back to the little red dress and my craving.......I have been craving a bowl of ice cream for days. So today, I am thinking...... I reaaaallllllyyyyy want a bowl of ice cream, but that dress has no extra room for a bowl of ice cream. Well, I did only have sugar snap peas for lunch, and if I have a salad for supper, that won't be so bad. And, I will be running around (getting more exercise) when I am decorating...... and, I was on the lower side of my range when I weighed myself this morning..... and, I reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy want a bowl of ice cream. So, I'll just have a small one. And this is how the story goes. I get out the ice cream - Annie comes running. For all of you who know Annie, the only "people food" she gets is ice cream and she can hear that lid open if she was in the next county. So, I get an extra little bowl for her. Then I think, vanilla - I really wanted a "flavor". Oh, yeah, I have that topping I bought for the salad I made for Lorin to take to men's group at church last week. Let's see, where is it? Oh, yeah, there it is. My favorite - Mrs Richardson's Caramel Butterscotch. I'll just put a little on. Open the jar - Really thick, It would be better if it was warm. Microwave - 30 seconds - still too hard, pop back in for a few more. Phone rings - answer the call, leave the jar in too long. Stop the microwave, open microwave, caramel all over inside microwave, grab jar - @*$*@! it's hot (like I shouldn't have known that), drop the jar on the floor - Caramel now all over cabinets, floor, rug, brick, oven, EVERYWHERE!!!!! Have you ever tried to clean up caramel butterscotch topping - It is not fun. BTW - That jar I took a picture of was almost full when I dropped it. I used 3 tablespoons for my salad last week. Well it is now at least a half hour later and my original bowl of ice cream is melted. I dump it down the sink. I really should have taken a picture of the kitchen, microwave, etc. You would not have believed the mess. Well I guess the GODS were ruling - I was NOT supposed to have that bowl of ice cream. Maybe tomorrow????

Friday, September 18, 2009

We went Ridin'

We should have finished staining the deck.... we should have hauled the fireplace wood in for the winter.... we should have finished that flower bed in the backyard.... we should have, we should have, we should have........ But we didn't. It was so nice outside and with those days getting fewer as fall and winter unfolds we decided it was time for another ride. Ron tends to be our guide this year. He keeps coming up with fun, interesting places to go to. This photo is taken in Wittenberg. Have you been to Wittenberg??? It kind of makes Stetsonville look like a city - very small. However, they have a very progresive chamber. They have what they call the Walls of Wittenberg. Artists from all over have come to this small community and have painted several of the buildings. This one is the "Foundation of Faith". Unbelievable talent and definitely worth seeing. From there we went to Doc's Harley over by Bonduel. Very unique place. Obviously he sells Harley's but he also has so much more. He has a collection of cars........

This picture is just for my cousin's son Jake. He LOVES the General Lee and this is a real one.

I had to take a picture of the for sale sign. Start saving your quarters Jake or maybe Santa will bring it?

And this is Ken.... I think he was in Love too.

Doc's Harley also had an assortment of animals. Aligators (he actually had several of them), Snakes, Birds, Feinting Goats, Miniature donkey, miniature horse,

And a longhorn in with the Bison.

Oh yeah - I forgot - He also had a moose.....

Takin' a little break before we hit the road again. We had some new people with us this time. Welcome D & C. Can't wait to have you join us again.

Back on the road - and you are seeing it right. RON IS ON A HARLEY!

AND - KEN IS NOT! Lots of "musical bikes" I don't think Lorin was with me more than about 20
miles all day. He was on someone's bike or trike all day. I don't mind though, it gives us time for "girl talk"

And, I almost forgot. I think my photography has hit an all time low. I took a picture of the toilet at Doc's Harley. I've been in bathrooms where you have good lookin' half naked men plastered on the walls (which by the way this one had) but they also had a heated, massaging toilet seat. Lorin said they didn't have that in the men's bathroom. They probably thought the men would never come out.?!?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To School

Have you noticed how quiet everything has been lately? I walked to the mailbox yesterday and noticed - no cars. I am not sure exactly why but as soon as the kids are back in school there is a drastic reduction in cars on the road. Does every high school student have a car? Do they all drive around 24/7? Well, in any event, it is quieter and I know that fall and winter are right around the corner (hibernation season). I just can't bring myself to going out in the winter. I hate it. If I could get my family and friends to move - I would live someplace warm. But, since I don't think I will get them to move, I will have to stay put. So for now winter will bring me having my cup of coffee in front of the fireplace and until then, I will enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having.

I took this photo Tuesday morning as I was going to some early morning appointments. This truly is a Wisconsin Fall Photo. School buses heading out to pick up students as the sun rises.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Treasured Items Found!

"What is this" you ask. Well its a holographic Mario Brothers wallet that Morgan lost in 1993. When you move it Mario jumps up and down. Morgan was only a boy at the time and had been on a "Griswold Family Vacation" with his family. I think they went to Wally World. When he returned he had lost his wallet. He remembers searching "forever" for his treasured posession but it was nowhere to be found.

On Friday, when he saw his mom, she told him she had something for him- his wallet. She had been cleaning out a closet and had gone through some old suitcases that she was going to get rid of and found this wallet tucked inside in one of the pockets. As I am sure you can image, Morgan was soooooo happy to see it again. Well wouldn't you be?

Inside the wallet were his hunter saftey and ATV registration cards. And........

His Batman Cologne! I bet he just can't wait to wear that again. Watch out Heather, you know how powerful Batman is. You never know what that will do to you.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're Goin' for a Ride

A few weeks ago we went on a "Ride" with some friends of ours. Although we don't have a bike, we take the little convertible and have a great time. It was just what we needed for the day - relaxing, laughing with friends and an all around great day. This first picture I took as we were driving down the road. We were in the lead and the group was following.......

Doesn't Sue look tough here?
While on the ride we met a group of other bikes. There had to be over 150 or more of them. They just kept coming. At this point in the ride, I was driving the car with Diann riding with me and Lorin was driving her trike. He had so much fun with that too. This photo I took as I was driving down the road. I just pointed at the road and held the button down for a bit.
Here is Sue, Lorin on Diann's trike and Ken right after we stopped for lunch.
Our trip took us up to Lake Superior. There is an "artist" up there that does carvings with a chainsaw that is just amazing. The detail he has is unreal. Here is one of his carvings that he has in a small pond. This is Lorin sitting on Ken's lap and Sue doing who knows what to Ken. Too bad we weren't having any fun.... Should I be jealous that my husband was sitting on another guy's lap?

Ron and Diann sitting on this awesome bench at the carving place (Can't remember the name). This is one huge log that was carved to make it into a bench. It was actually comfortable.

From there we continued to Lake Superior. You wouldn't believe how cold the temperature got as we got closer to the lake. Doesn't this look like a senior picture? It was a huge field of clover and I had to take someone's picture.

Here I am sitting on some rocks on the beach. The waves were pretty good sized when we were there, but the lake is beautiful.

After the lake we continued up around the point to Bayfield, etc. On the way we had to stop at this farm that had homemade ice cream that Diann had been to once before. Not sure how she remembered how to get there. However, after tasting the ice cream, I don't know that Lorin will forget any time soon. Yummmy! Here is a goat that was on the farm.
After the farm we continued down toward home but stopped for dinner in Phillips. It was a great day and I can't wait to go again. Those days are so wonderful. Great weather, beautiful scenery, fantastic friends and memories that carry you through to the next trip......
I am ready to go again...... Who wants to go?

Friday, September 11, 2009


I love these "cows". Aubree wants Papa to get some. She calls them Wooly Bullies. Don't know what we would do with them but they are pretty cool.

This guy was just coolin' off in the water when I had to have Lorin stop so I could take a picture. He looked at me like "What! Haven't you ever seen a cow in the water before?"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday at the lake

This has been such a wonderful weekend -both for weather and for projects completed. I will show you the projects on my next post but for now, lets talk about the fun we had on Saturday. We went for a visit to the lake. Mom and dad had a house full, but as usual, we had a great time - relaxing and enjoyable. As always, we try to get in a pontoon ride (or as Aubree called it a Pooton ride - not sure where that came from). Grandpa lets Aubree drive, and of course he showed her where the horn was so she was also the horn girl. We usually ride around the lake and get pizza and ice cream. The water is low right now up there so we weren't able to go for pizza by pontoon but we did stop for ice cream. As we rode around the lake we saw lots of wildlife.

A mother loon with her baby........

An eagle in a tree........

Lots of seagulls.... I really like this photo. I think I may frame this one for somewhere.

After the ride we went to my brother's house. His lab had puppies a couple of months ago and he has one left (the people are coming this week to pick it up). But Aubree got to play with the puppy. Nothing better than those little grunting noises that lab puppies make. Too cute.

And here is a photo of my mom, three of her sisters and Aubree. Her older sister's class reunion was that evening and they were all going to the reunion.

I absolutely love this last photo. This is my niece CJ with Aubree. She came with us to the lake for the day. Aubree loves her so much and looks up to her. The great thing is that CJ is a sweet wonderful role model for her. Thanks for all her help - glad she could come with us.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

6 or 16..... First day of kindergarten or high school.... OMG - She is growing up sooooo fast. Today was Aubree's first day of kindergarten. Although when I looked at the pictures I took of her this morning, she looks like she just got her new car. Of course Nana had to be there to see her off this morning, however, she decided she wanted to ride to school in the TT (mommy had to follow in the truck). So nana got to meet her teacher and see her classmates. Yes - there were a few tears - not for Aubree, who is so excited to be in school, but mommy and nana. My baby's baby is growing up so fast.