Friday, February 26, 2010

Florida Vacation

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing some of the fun we had on our vacation.  First, let me say....IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!  This was Morgan and Aubree's first time flying and although neither said they were nervous, we all know that anything unknown can make us a little anxious.  Aubree was a little scared but mostly excited in the weeks before we left and we talked about flying with her.  Well.....she did great.  She loved to fly.  When we were in the sky she asked Heather if we could go ask the pilot to do "rolls" with the plane?  She wanted the him to do some "trick" flying with our jet.  Heather was quick to tell her "No" but I think the man seated next to Heather who had a history of getting sick on flights answered quicker than Heather.  When we landed in Orlando Aubree exclaimed "That was AWESOME!"  So glad she enjoyed it.
Shortly after we got to our "home" for the next week, we heard some music coming from outside.  We were wondering what it was when Morgan asked "Is that an ice cream truck?"  Sure enough....the ice cream truck came each afternoon, however, the first day was the only one we actually were home to get ice cream.  I think Lorin thought that he was in heaven.  BTW - the driver of the truck was a Packer fan....Gotta love that!
Behind our "home" was a large pond.  The first night we were there, I was taking Annie out to go potty and we were walking around the pond and saw this sign.  Not something you normally see in Wisconsin!!!  We did see gators later in the week.  Not in the backyard but.....I'll get to that in another post.

I am jumping around a bit..... because we didn't go to the beach until a little later in the week but, Disney, Animal Kingdom, etc will get a post all by themselves so I thought I would include a couple of pics from the beach.  The water was about 40 degrees.  Well maybe a little warmer but, no much.  When we first got there Lorin walked up and put his toes in and said it felt like sticking your foot into a cooler with ice water.....he was right.  He wouldn't let me leave until I "went in" the water.  I only put my feet in and came out in a hurry.  Here you can see Aubree getting hit by a wave.  Boy was that water cold.  And Morgan was such a good guy going in with her.  She thought the water was fine.  I don't think you can feel cold when you are 6.

And of course anyone who knows Aubree knows she cannot play with sand without getting buried.  She wanted to be a mermaid so Heather buried her and gave her a tail.  Doesn't papa look relaxed??
What do you get when you mix walking in the ocean and getting buried in the sand???? A kid that cannot go back into the vehicle without getting a shower.  Can you tell the water from the shower isn't much warmer than the ocean?  Look at the expression on her face.  But, she didn't mind.  I think she would have stayed and played all day.  
If you want to see a couple more pics from the beach check out my Photos blog

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